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May 2009
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Have your say on the state of our coast

The condition of the region’s seas and marine areas will be discussed at a seminar in Fraserburgh on 20th May 2009.

The East Grampian Coastal Partnership has published a ‘State of the Coast’ report and is inviting local residents to put forward their view on topics as diverse as fish catches, beach litter and trade entering our harbours. The report gives a snapshot of the coast in 2009 and will be used as a template to identify opportunities for future work and to monitor the changes that take place on the coast in the coming years.

The draft ‘State of the Coast’ report has highlighted some surprising information about the area, including the fact that more than two thirds of the people that live in the north east, live within 10 miles of the coast. Also highlighted are the total tonnage of fish landed in the area, which has reduced by 16% between 1995 and 2006, compared to a Scotland-wide reduction of over 40%.

Emily Hastings, author of the draft report said “The East Grampian Coastal Partnership has allocated indicators for areas which we think are doing well and to areas where we think more work is needed. Whilst we can look at statistics, it is the people who work on the ground that can add the most to the discussions.”

To allow local residents to offer their feedback on the report, the East Grampian Coastal Partnership will be holding a seminar at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Fraserburgh on 20th May. The seminar will discuss all aspects of the report, including themes on bathing water quality, economic regeneration and coastal heritage.

For more information and to register for the event please telephone Emily Hastings on 01224 395151 or log onto


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